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Arvind Ram Sankar
Going through a renaissance right now

Welcome to Arvind's Blog

Welcome to Arvind's Blog

Welcome to my new blog. I’ll be posting a lot of interesting stuff here. Stay tuned for more!

Why I switched from Medium to a Custom Website

Why did I rip-off a “Medium” looking template instead of writing articles on Medium itself? Well, that’s because:

1. It’s a custom website!

As a web developer, there is nothing better than having a website which you have total control of. I can do whatever I want with it and modify it however I want, no holds barred.

Obviously, Medium has a very good template, color scheme and font. Hence this “Mediumish” template. A huge shoutout to Mediumish for developing this awesome template.

2. People can read more than 5 times

Well, the obvious drawback of Medium is that it only allows users to read five free articles a month. That’s fair considering that the authors also need to earn. And since my main motive for writing this blog isn’t money, I don’t need to have any such limitations.

3. Advanced Technical Stuff

Since I am familiar with things like JAMStack, Search Engine Optimization and hosting websites, I find this pipeline to be easier. I host my website on Netlify, which allows me to even use custom domain and provides free SSL certificates. I can do my own SEO and don’t need Medium’s help and I use markdown with Jekyll (JAMStack) which is extremely easy to work with. I can also branch out my domain name into various subdomains and host all kinds of things here.

All in all, since I’m tech savvy, this is fairly easy for me and has more advantages than Medium. So here we are! I’ll be posting a lot of stuff (hopefully) on this website now.